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Eduphoria Suite 

  • Aware

    Aware is an online student data assessment and analysis tool that provides teachers, data coaches, and administrators 24-hour access to student data. Aware allows teachers to administer assessments and upload and view the data immediately. This, in turn, gives teachers, data coaches, administrators, and the Curriculum and Instruction Department the ability to examine summative and formative data to implement targeted, focused adjustments to their instructional plan based on current and relevant student data. In addition, utilizing the custom form builder in Aware, both the Curriculum and Instruction and the Gifted and Talented Departments provide forms to teachers and administrators that can be added to students in Aware and completed online. As a result, the RtI process and the LEAP selection process are fully documented in Aware and follow the students year to year.


    Forethought, the online curriculum management and lesson plan tool, provides district teachers with a guaranteed and viable curriculum. It allows the Curriculum and Instruction Department to continually update and refine the curriculum to meet the needs of the district as well as provide teachers with easy access to the curriculum from home and school. In addition, Forethought Lesson Planner allows teachers across grade levels and across the district to share lesson plans and collaborate through the shared and team planner. Inclusion and resource teachers can view the content of teachers’ plans with ease as well. Teachers no longer have to turn in lesson plans since principals can view their plans easily within Forethought. They can even add notes to teachers’ plans.


    PDAS provides a web-based total PDAS management system that allows teachers and administrators to work on PDAS from school or home. Teacher self-reports, observation documents, walk-throughs, summative evaluations, and intervention plans are all stored in one location making it easy for teachers and administrators to view their PDAS documents. Administrators can view their staff list at a glance and track how many walk-throughs have been performed, whether the staff member has had a formal evaluation, if the self-report has been submitted, and if the summative has been completed. Most administrators perform both informal walk-throughs and formal observations and record their results conveniently on their iPhone or iPad using the free PDAS App available through iTunes. In addition, walk-throughs have been tailored to meet the specifications of the individual campuses and district administrators. Non-teaching employees are also evaluated using an alternate appraisal builder.


    Helpdesk is a service management system in which campus technicians easily manage staff members’ requests for assistance involving technology issues. Helpdesk benefits both staff members and facilitators in that both can use Helpdesk to communicate and track the status of a request. Each ticket contains an ongoing journal so a complete record is always available. Many facilitators track their requests from anywhere utilizing the free Helpdesk app on their iPhone or iPad. 


    Workshop is a professional development management system that streamlines staff course registration and portfolios. Courses are listed online, and staff members register with a click of the mouse. The staff member receives a reminder email a few days before the course. After the course is completed, it is added to the teacher’s portfolio along with teaching credentials, SBEC hours, GT credit hours, and mandatory district hours. From the instructor’s perspective, this program allows them to view attendees, send notes ahead of time, print a class role and mark attendees absent. From an administrative perspective, the program keeps up with so much that the level of paperwork and frustration is greatly reduced. Reports can be run on workshop statistics giving data that will help guide district professional learning plans.

    Facilities & Events

    Facilities & Events is an online reservation system that allows staff to reserve rooms and/or technology tools from home or school. Teachers can make reservations directly from their Forethought Lesson Planner. As a result, when teachers are planning lessons, they can select the Facilities & Events icon in their planner and conveniently make a reservation without delay.


    Formspace provides the ability to create campus or district forms online for paperless completion, submission, review, and approval. Customized workflows can be built that permit forms to flow through as many, or as few, steps as needed, including approval and notification steps.