Instructional Technology

  • The Digital Learning Team is made up of Instructional Technology Specialists, Instructional Technology Facilitators and Library Media Supervisor.  

    The Digital Learning Team supports the use of technology in creating 21st-century learning environments and ensuring that students develop the skills necessary to be future ready.

    Connecting Around the World

    Digital technology will play an important part in ensuring students are ready for the future. For students and teachers alike, Technology will allow them to transcend the limitations of a physical building and school day. Teachers can connect with one another virtually, not just to share lesson plans but also to mentor and share strategies for effective teaching through online collaboration. 

    Blended Learning
    Technology is also making it possible to blend online and face-to-face learning, which enables teachers to group students flexibly and offers educators rich data on students' progress. With LISDblendED, students have course choice and some level of control over time, place, path and or pace.  Students choose from face-to-face, blended, and online course options during the school day and supplemental online course options outside the school day. Flexible mobility is available for students taking online and blended courses during the school day. LISDblendED also supports the online content recovery, credit recovery, and secondary summer school programs at all of Lewisville’s eleven high school campuses.  In 2012-2013, the LISDblendED program served over 3,000 high school students.  Access to high quality online and blended learning is made possible through collaboration across the district:  Technology, Learning and Teaching, Special Education, Guidance and Counseling, and Student Information Services.  


    The 1:X initiative guarantees that all students have access to the devices needed to participate.1:X is a trademarked program based on the understanding that students will have the right device for the task at hand. The 1 represents the student and X is a variable representing the type of device(s) used simultaneously to best complete a  task to demonstrate learning. The devices listed below are the ones currently being employed by Lewisville ISD.

    • The iPad provides mobile access to a device that allows students to not only access information, but to create content at school and at home. 
    • The MacBook Air allows students to move to a more powerful laptop to create complex media-rich content, iBooks, Google Sites and more. This allows students to combine files and complete more complex tasks.
    • Students may bring their own devices  (BYOD) from home to use in conjunction with their 1:X device or in lieu of a district-issued device.

    Lewisville ISD is in the second phase of a three-stage implementation plan for the devices listed above. As of 2014, over 35,000 students have received an iPad which they keep year-round and use at school and at home.