Special Education Supports & Services

  • Adapted Physical Education (APE) is provided to students in full time Kindergarten through 12th grade who are currently receiving Special Education services and whose ARD committee determines the service is needed. In addition, the student must have an educational need for modifications in order to benefit from the general physical education class. Not all Special Education students need Adapted Physical Education in order to benefit educationally. Adapted Physical Education teachers coordinate a variety of services to Special Education students and other service providers, teachers, paraprofessionals and therapists. Our services begin with the evaluation of the student when a parent, teacher or therapist has referred a student to the diagnostician, and a request has been sent from the ARD Committee for an assessment. The assessment is administered through one or more of the following: formal or informal observation and testing, consultation with parents, teachers, therapists, paraprofessionals, student and review of the student files. Following assessment, the ARD Committee determines eligibility and placement. If a student is eligible for APE services, an Individualized Education Program (IEP) is developed to address the goals, objectives and modifications needed for physical education. The amount of time needed for APE services and frequency is also determined. The educational needs of the student is the determining factor for placement of Special Education students into APE, whether it be consult or direct. The guiding approach of APE services is to maximize the degree to which students can safely participate with non-disabled peers in physical education activitites.