• Tuition and Payment Due Dates - Form

    Fechas de Vencimiento de Matrícula y Pagos - Formulario

    2024-25 ESD Tuition Rates
    Monthly rates are calculated based on the total number of days in the school year divided into ten equal payments.
    Registration Fee $50 per student
    Standard Monthly Ten equal payments of $264 (Total: $2,640)
    Discounted Monthly*
    (For those who qualify for free or reduced lunch)
    Ten equal payments of $115 (Total: $1,150)
    *In order to receive the discounted rate for ESD, a copy of the 2024-2025 Approved LISD Child Nutrition Free/Reduced lunch letter must be emailed to your ESD Accounting clerk prior to your contract being accepted. If the letter is received AFTER my contract has been approved, the discounted rate will be applied to the next monthly billing cycle. For information regarding the 2024-25 Meal Program Application, please visit the LISD Child Nutrition website.
    LISD Employee Monthly Rates are available on the LISD Staff Intranet.

    *Updated Child Nutrition Lunch letters for the 24-25 school year are due by Friday, September 13, 2024.

    Monthly Payments: The first monthly tuition payment and registration fee are due prior to starting ESD. Subsequent payments are auto-drafted by credit card or checking account (e-check) on the 20th of each month, July (or at the time of registration) through April.

    Tuition adjustments will not be made for unforeseen circumstances beyond LISD's control (e.g., inclement weather, medical or facility emergencies, or other days off that are not made up). 

    Refunds will not be issued once a payment has been received, regardless of a student's attendance.

    Fee Type Amount
    Late Payment $25 per child (charged on the 21st of each month if payment has not been received or if an e-check is returned, NSF )
    Reinstatement $15.00 per child (If you withdraw your child or your child is withdrawn for non-payment)
    Late Pick-Up $20 per child per 15 minutes (charged for each student picked up 1 - 15 minutes past 6:30 PM. An additional $20 per child will be charged for every fifteen minutes or a part of fifteen minutes until the student(s) is picked up. (i.e., arrive at 6:31-assessed $20, arrive at 6:46-assessed $40). The Eleyo attendance system is the official timepiece. The late pick-up fee will be auto-drafted with the next monthly tuition payment.)
    Cancelation $25.00 per child
    ESD Monthly Payment Schedule
    ESD is a pre-paid program. The first tuition payment is due prior to starting the program.
    ESD Payment due dates
    Auto-run dates
    Late payment fee ($25) Drop date Last day to attend ESD
    August 7/20/24 7/21/24 7/22/24 -
    September 8/20/24 8/21/24 8/22/24 8/30
    October 9/20/24 9/21/24 9/22/24 9/27
    November 10/20/24 10/21/24 10/22/24 11/1
    December 11/20/24 11/21/24 11/22/24 11/22
    January 12/20/24 12/21/25 12/22/25 12/20
    February 1/20/25 1/21/25 1/22/25 1/31
    March 2/20/25 2/21/25 2/22/25 2/28
    April 3/20/25 3/21/25 3/22/25 4/4
    May 4/20/25 4/21/25 4/22/25 5/2

    Payment decline must be paid by the end of the day you receive the past-due notice. Multiple payments not received according to the payment schedule will result in your account being placed on probation up to and including removal. If your e-check payment returns non-sufficient funds or insufficient funds (NSF), you must use a debit/credit card to make the payment. After two NSF returns, you must use a debit/credit card for all remaining tuition and fees.

    Late Payment Fee: A system-generated late payment fee of $25.00 will automatically be charged if payment is not received on the 20th of each month or if an e-check is returned, NSF.

    Dropped due to non-payment: If tuition is not paid on the 22nd of each month, your child will be dropped from the program. DO NOT make a payment if you have been dropped from the program without prior written approval from your ESD Accounting clerk. If you are dropped from the program due to non-payment, your child's last day to attend ESD is on the last Friday of the month or according to the dates on the ESD Tuition and Payment Due Dates.

    Reinstatement Fee: If you have been dropped due to non-payment, contact your ESD Accounting clerk prior to making any payments. For reinstatement in the ESD program or waitlist, a $15.00 per child fee must be paid, provided there is space available in your child's ESD program or waitlist.

    To withdraw a student from ESD, the account holder must submit a withdrawal online via Eleyo. To prevent being charged for the following month's tuition, the withdrawal must be submitted before the 15th of the month prior. The account holder is responsible for all tuition/fees until a withdrawal is submitted in Eleyo, regardless of a child's attendance. Submit a Withdrawal Contract by logging into the Eleyo account and clicking “Account Management.”  If there are any technical issues, please contact the Campus Support Services Office.  Click here for directions.