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  • ESD Handbook


    ESD Terms and Conditions

    Please read each statement below carefully.

    1. The ESD Handbook is incorporated into this agreement and can be found on our website at I understand it is my responsibility to obtain, read, and follow the financial procedures and business rules outlined under the ESD Finance Information section so my student(s) can enroll and participate in ESD. View the complete list of all ESD Fees.
    2. I understand the LISD Campus Support Services Office’s primary method of contacting customers is by the email address provided by each customer, and it is my responsibility to ensure my contact information is up to date. If I prefer a different method of communication, I must notify the LISD Campus Support Services Office in writing and provide the contact information.
    3. ESD sites have limited enrollment.
      1. For an ESD site to be open, a minimum of 18 students must be enrolled, and staffing must be secured for that location.
      2. If an ESD site has enrolled the maximum number of students, your contract may be placed on the waitlist. Students on the waitlist are not guaranteed in the ESD program for the current school year. The ESD waitlist is limited to five students at each location. The $50 registration fee is required to be placed on the waitlist and is non-refundable and non-transferable. Waitlist families are eligible to pre-register in spring with current families for the following school year. ESD waitlist families who pre-register at their current ESD campus are guaranteed a spot for the next school year (provided they register and pay by the deadline).
      3. If your ESD site and waitlist are closed, we recommend contacting our office to inquire about possible future openings. You can also view the Current Program Availability on our website.
    4. In order to receive the discounted rate for ESD, a copy of the 2024-2025 Approved LISD Child Nutrition Free/Reduced lunch letter must be emailed to your ESD Accounting clerk prior to your contract being accepted. If the letter is received AFTER my contract has been approved, the discounted rate will be applied to the next monthly billing cycle. For information regarding the 2024-25 Meal Program Application, please visit the LISD Child Nutrition website.
    5. LISD Employees on the employee tuition rate must use Payroll Deduction.
    6. A confirmation email will notify all families when contracts are approved, and a spot has been secured for them at their ESD campus or on the ESD waitlist.
    7. The $50 per child registration fee and payment will be processed when the ESD contract is accepted. ESD is a prepaid program, so the first monthly tuition payment and registration fee are due prior to starting the program.
    8. Payments are auto-drafted by credit card or checking account (e-check) on the 20th of each month, July (or at the time of registration) through April.
    9. A system-generated late payment fee of $25.00 will automatically be charged on the 21st of the month if the tuition/balance on my account is not received or if the e-check is returned, NSF.
    10. Payment declines must be paid by the end of the day you receive the past-due notice. Multiple payments not received according to the payment schedule will result in your account being placed on probation up to and including removal. If your e-check payment returns non-sufficient funds or insufficient funds (NSF), you must use a debit/credit card to remake the payment. After two NSF returns, you must use a debit/credit card for all remaining tuition and fees.
    11. I understand that if my tuition is not paid on the 22nd of each month, my child(ren) will be dropped from the program. DO NOT make a payment if you have been dropped from the program without prior written approval from your ESD Accounting clerk. If you are dropped from the program due to non-payment, your child’s last day to attend ESD is on the last Friday of the month or according to the date on the ESD Tuition and Payment Due Dates.
    12. If you have been dropped due to non-payment, contact your ESD Accounting clerk prior to making any payments. For reinstatement in the ESD program or waitlist, a $15.00 per child fee must be paid, provided there is space available in your child’s ESD program or waitlist.
    13. Refunds will not be issued once a payment has been received, regardless of a student's attendance.
    14. To withdraw a student from ESD, the account holder must submit a withdrawal online via Eleyo. To prevent being charged for the following month's tuition, the withdrawal must be submitted before the 15th of the month prior. I understand I am responsible for all tuition/fees until a withdrawal is submitted in Eleyo, regardless of my child's attendance.
    15. A $20 late pick-up fee is charged for each student picked up 1 - 15 minutes past 6:30 PM. An additional $20 per child will be charged for every fifteen minutes or a part of fifteen minutes until the student(s) is picked up. (i.e., arrive at 6:31-assessed $20, arrive at 6:46-assessed $40). The Eleyo attendance system is the official timepiece. The late pick-up fee will be auto-drafted with the next monthly tuition payment.