• 2023-24 ESD Registration

    ESD registrations for the 2023-24 school year will be accepted online at www.lisd.eleyo.com.

    • Please note:
      • ESD registrations are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis using the date and time stamp on your online registration.
      • Some ESD campuses are closed and will no longer accept registrations Click here to view our current program availability.
      •  The first payment/installment and the registration fee will be auto-drafted once your contract has been accepted.  


    Ready to apply for  23-24 ESD?

    1. To Register, go to www.lisd.eleyo.com
    2. Click the green Register button next to the ESD logo

    3. Sign in or Create an Eleyo account

    4. If you're a returning family, click “New Contract” in green with a plus sign symbol. New families move to the next step. 

    5. Select an existing child or add a new child. Check your child’s information.

    6. Then click “Looks Good. Start Registering”.

    7. Verify your Emergency contacts and Authorized pickups and continue. 

      • Note: We require two emergency contacts.

    8. Next, select your location and click “Use Location and Continue.”

      •  If your school is not listed, it is not available.  Click Here for our current program availability.

    9. Review and click “I have read and agree with the terms and conditions.” Then click continue. 

    10. Next, check the After-School Care checkbox. 

    11. Then click “Complete Schedule Setup and Continue.”

    12. Answer the registration questions and continue.

    13. Next, add or select your existing payment method. 

      • Please note: A payment method is required to submit your contact. The registration fee and first tuition payment will be auto-drafted at the time of acceptance. 

    14. Finally, click “Complete Registration.”

    To register another child, click Sign up another child. Repeat steps 4-14 above.


    Please note: Your registration is submitted successfully if you receive an email titled Lewisville ISD: Your Extended School School Contract Request; we have received and are processing your pending contract request.  


    The next step is not automatic and may take our accounting team 24 hours to process:

    1. Approved contracts will receive an email titled Lewisville ISD: Your Extended School Day Confirmations; We’ve approved the following for you. The first payment and registration fee will be charged, at the time of acceptance, to those approved for the program. 

    2. Approved Waitlist contracts will receive an email titled Lewisville ISD: ESD 23-24 Waitlist Confirmations. Contracts approved for the ESD waitlist will be charged a $50 per child registration fee at the time of acceptance.

    3. Contacts that did not make the program or waitlist will receive an email from their ESD Accounting Clerk notifying them.