Refunds, A la Carte Policy, and LISD Employee Accounts


    Student Meal Account Refunds and Transfers

    If your child has graduated, or is no longer an LISD student, you can request a refund of any remaining meal account balances. If you have remaining account funds for a student who graduated in May 2023, you can also request a transfer of these funds to a sibling or donate remaining funds to a student account in need. 

    To request a refund or transfer of remaining account balances, please submit an online request form. Please note: If you are requesting a refund of account balances, please ensure you turn off auto-replenish AND low balance alerts prior to requesting the refund.

    After you submit the form, a child nutrition admin will process your request. Please note: refunds are administered by check and usually take 2-3 weeks to process, but can take longer due to current circumstances. Any remaining account balances from the 2022-2023 school year will roll over to the 2023-2024 school year.

    A La Carte Purchases

    It is LISD policy, not to limit or restrict students from a la carte, snack, and ice cream purchases on a campus-wide or grade-level basis. Parents, however, have the option of personally setting up purchase restrictions on their individual students' accounts if they feel it is necessary.

    These restrictions include:

    1. Put an overall a la carte, snack, and ice cream block on your student's account, meaning they are unable to purchase any items outside of their standard reimbursable meal. Families can send students to school with cash if they would like to allow them to purchase additional items on an as-needed basis. 

    2.Set a daily dollar limit for any item purchases outside of a standard reimbursable meal. This restriction is for every operating school day, and cannot be limited to only being effective on certain days of the week or for specific items.      

    To set up either of these a la carte restrictions, please contact a child nutrition admin at: 469-713-5207.

    LISD Employee Meal Accounts

    If you do not have a pre-existing employee meal account, please contact a child nutrition admin at: 469-713-5207 to have an account created for you.

    If you have an existing employee meal account and want to load funds onto your account, please follow the steps below:

    • Visit
    • Click on "Meal Payments" at the top left corner of the page
    • Click on "Meal Account Payment" in the left column of the page
    • Log in to the web store using your email address and password
    • Make sure enter "A-" and then your account number when entering info into the ID section.