Salary Information

  • LISD Board of Trustees approved a 2% increase on the midpoint of the pay grade for all eligible employees for the school year 2018-19.

    The Board also voted to give a 3% increase to the Instructional Support pay grades highlighted in yellow on the IS pay schedules.

    Teachers annual pay increase is $1,168 based on a 187-day work schedule.

    First Year Teacher Minimum Pay with Bachelor’s Degree $53,750

    For 2018-19, an employee’s pay increase will not be limited to the MAX of the pay grade.


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    To see all pay schedules including Substitutes, Temporary/Extra Duty, and Natatorium click on:

    2018-19 Pay Schedules to see the MIN/MID/MAX and the 18-19 pay increase for each pay grade.

    2018-19 Temporary/Extra Duty Rates

    2018-19 Stipend Handbook

    • Master's Degree Stipend = $1,000 (applicable for teacher paygrade positions)
    • Doctorate Degree Stipend = $1,200 (applicable for professional paygrade positions)

    2018 Summer School Rates

    *LISD pay increase information does not apply to Community in Schools employees 

    Salary Information updated September 28, 2018