Internal Transfers

  • Per the LISD employee handbook, p. 12, “an employee with the required certifications for a position may request to transfer to another campus or department after serving three years in the current assignment.”

    If you are interested in transferring to another position at a different campus/ location within LISD, please follow the steps below:

    • CLICK HERE to create an internal application.
      • On Step 4, select any current vacant positions you are interested in. 
      • If new positions become vacant after submitting your application, you may log back into your application and apply to additional vacant positions. 

    *It is best practice to inform your current principal/supervisor that you have applied for a new position in the district. You may directly contact the principal/ supervisor at the other campus/location to inform them of your interest in the position and your completion of an internal application.

    After completing the steps above, the hiring manager will review your application and consider you for an interview. If you are selected for an interview, the hiring manager will contact you directly.  After completing interviews for the position, should the hiring manager determine that you are their top candidate, they will contact your current principal/ supervisor to inform them of their decision and they will submit a recommendation to hire you in the Frontline system. Human Resources will receive the recommendation and upon reviewing the position, completing a criminal history/background check, and ensuring that you hold the appropriate certification for the position, an HR Director will call you with a formal job offer.