Student Observers

  • Looking to become a student observer with LISD? Follow the steps below. Observers - please note, all requests flow from the university or program representative to Human Resources, who will then initiate all communication to LISD campus administrators. Only requests that follow the application process will be considered for placement.


    1. Email Alex Rivera the following information
      (In an excel spreadsheet in this order, FROM LEFT TO RIGHT, please.  This helps me cut & paste everything directly into my spreadsheet):
      1. College/University
      2. First Name
      3. Last Name
      4. Email Address
      5. Cell Phone
      6. Certification Area
      7. Hours Needed
      8. Notes regarding placement, including placement preferences. *Preferences are considered but not guaranteed.)

    2. Observation Hours Application - Fill out and submit this application to Frontline, our applicant tracking system.
      You will be asked to create a username and password.  You will already have an application in our system to apply for future teaching jobs.
      *NOTE: Section 4 in the application "Vacancy Desired" is already checked, Job ID#3647.  DO NOT CLICK ANY OTHER JOBS or it will add 21 new sections to the application!

    3. Criminal Background Check - All applicants MUST submit the Criminal Background Check Form. Remember, requests for placement will not be processed until the results of the CBC have been received. Individuals currently employed by LISD are not required to submit an additional Criminal Background Check form.
  • All requests for student observation in LISD must be sent electronically by the University Program Director/Coordinator to:

  • Alex Rivera

    Alex Rivera

    Director of Recruitment & Retention

    Phone: (469) 571-9490