• Important Information

    To better serve you, please include your full name as it appears on your social security card (no nicknames) and your Employee ID number on all correspondence with the Payroll department.

    New to LISD

    First, let us welcome you to LISD!!

    Most employees' first check is September 18. When you receive your first check, please remember to check the spelling of your name, address and amount of taxes being deducted. If something looks wrong, please email the Payroll department.

    If you are unsure of your salary, please read the details on the Compensation Form email from HR.


    Bereavement Leave

    Full-time employees are now eligible to receive up to 5 bereavement days to be used for consecutive absences due to the death of an immediate family member. The information on this new leave can be found here: Bereavement Leave

    Donated Days

    Donated days are where one employee can donate Local Personal days to another employee. Get more information on donating days here: Donate Days

    Get more information from the Benefits website here: Benefits

    Changes to your W-4

    The Payroll Department makes every effort to ensure all your information is correct, but it is the employee's responsibility to review their deductions for accuracy, especially if changes are made. 

    If you make changes to your W-4, please verify the Federal Tax amount to ensure the amount deducted is what you are expecting.

    Changing Banks


    If your account was closed or you changed banks, please let the Payroll Department know immediately.

    We need at least five business days before payday to stop your funds from being sent to the incorrect bank. We cannot reissue a payment until the funds are sent back to LISD from the bank.

    Here are the calendars for 2022-2023 and 2023-2024 with the cutoff dates. 

    Helpful Links

    Here are a few helpful links:

    Understanding your paycheck

    LISD Staff Resources


    Munis Self Service


    Keep your contact information up to date in Munis Self Service.

    Having Trouble accessing Munis Self Service?

    • Click on the Arrow Box in the top right-hand corner (that will bring up the Log In screen)
    • Use your regular LISD user ID and password to Log In to Munis Self Service.
    • Once you are logged in to ESS, click on “Personal Information” on the left side of the screen and you will be in the “General” section.
    • Click on "Contact" to edit your Address, Emergency Contacts and Telephone numbers.
    • It is your responsibility to keep your contact information up to date.


    Accessing and Changing W-2 Delivery

    • Access to electronic W-2s is only available to currently active LISD employees through Munis Self Service.
    • If you select electronic delivery of your W-2, you may still obtain a paper copy of the W-2 by printing it from the email attachment or from Munis Self Service.
    • If your employment at LISD ends, you will no longer have access to electronic W-2s. You will need to email the Payroll Department to get a copy. Please include your full name as it appears on your social security card (no nicknames) and your Employee ID number on all correspondence with the Payroll department. 
    • To change the delivery method of your W-2, click on the “Tax form delivery” section.
    • Select the “Mail” option if you want your printed W-2 form delivered via LISD interoffice mail.
    • Select “Primary email” if you want your W-2 form delivered to your LISD email address.