• You're thinking of retiring from LISD ... Here is some helpful information.

    When is my retirement date?
    Your retirement date will be your final working day or last contract day.

    Still unsure of your last day? You can check your end date here --> 2023-2024 Contract Days

    What is my first step?
    Contact the Texas Teacher Retirement System at 800-223-8778 and request a retirement packet. You can also schedule an appointment with TRS to discuss your options.

    There will be forms for you to complete and send back to Texas Teacher Retirement; one form (TRS 7) to send to the payroll department to complete for you. 

    What does payroll need?
    Once you have received your packet from TRS, please send the TRS 7 Form - Notice of Final Deposit to Stacey in the Payroll Department.

    When will I receive my final pay check?
    If you are working to the end of your 2023-2024 contract:

    • 12-Month employee’s final check is June
    • 11-Month employee’s final check is July
    • 10-Month employee’s final check is August