• Please include your full name as it appears on your social security card (no nicknames) and your Employee ID number on all correspondence with the Payroll department.

    When does my raise start for the new school year?
    It all depends on your position.

    • 12-Month employee’s raise is effective in July
    • 11-Month employee’s raise is effective in August
    • 10-Month employee’s raise is effective in September (most employees fall in this category)

    When are my start and end dates for the new school year?
    You can check your start date here --> 2023-2024 calendar days!

    What deductions are required?
    There are five mandatory deductions for full-time employees and four mandatory deductions for part-time/temp employees.

    Full-time employee deductions include MedicareFederal Withholding TaxTRS, TRS Care, and Direct Deposit.

    Part-time/temporary employee deductions include MedicareFederal Withholding Tax, 457 Fica Alt, and Direct Deposit.

    I got married over the summer and changed my name. How do I change it with LISD?
    First and foremost... Congratulations!

    Once you receive your new social security card, sign it, and bring it to the Payroll Department. We are located in Building A of the Administration Building. We will take care of the changes with LISD and TRS. 

    My bank account has been closed. What do I do?
    Please call the payroll department at 972-350-4736 as soon as possible (at least five business days before pay day) to minimize the delay in receiving your pay. We will issue you a one-time check and new direct deposit information will need to be provided to the Payroll Department. 

    Why isn't Social Security taken out?
    Under the Windfall Elimination Provision law, your earnings are not covered under Social Security.

    I need to change my address! What do I do?
    You can complete a change of address on Munis Self Service.

    I resigned from LISD. When is my final check?
    If you are working to the end of your 2023-2024 contract:

    • 12-Month employee’s final check is June
    • 11-Month employee’s final check is July
    • 10-Month employee’s final check is August

    If you resign before your contract ends, you will NOT be paid through the summer. Contact the Payroll Department for final pay information.