Payroll Staff Responsibilities

  • Please include your full name as it appears on your social security card (no nicknames) and your Employee ID number on all correspondence with the Payroll department.

    Director of Payroll - Gretchen McConathy

    • Responsible for the effective and accurate operation of the Payroll Department
    • Prepare monthly, quarterly, and annual reports for TRS, IRS, TEA, and TWC
    • Resolve problems pertaining to Payroll and Retirement

    Payroll Manager - Sandie Noack

    • Monthly employees
    • Setup New and Transferring Monthly Employees
    • Payoffs for all Monthly Resigning and Retiring Employees

    Payroll Analyst - AmyMcKain

    • TRS inquires
    • Retiree inquires
    • Employment verification requests

    Payroll Coordinator - Trisha Solis

    • Time and attendance for All Admin and SPED
    • Garnishments for monthly employees
    • Provide Kronos training for Admin Secretaries and Administrators

    Payroll Coordinator - Heidi Hart

    • Time and attendance for All Maintenance, Food Service, ESD, and Temps
    • Garnishments for semi-monthly employees
    • Provide Kronos training for Facilities Secretaries, Directors, and Food Service Managers
    • Athletics Payroll

    Payroll Specialist - Camille Stoeberl

    • Time and attendance for all Elementary Schools
    • Verify coding of Extra Duty and Summer school for Elementary staff
    • Provide Kronos training for Elementary Secretaries and Principals

    Payroll Specialist - Amy Kopp

    • Time and attendance for all High Schools and Middle Schools
    • Verify coding of Extra Duty and Summer school for Secondary staff
    • Provide Kronos training for Secondary Secretaries and Principals

    Payroll Specialist - Kelly Bonehill

    • Time and attendance for all Communities in Schools, Perm Subs, VLA, Night School
    • Set up all new CIS and Perm Subs
    • Verify wage changes
    • Deductions for CIS monthly, CIS temp and perm subs
    • Resolve problems pertaining to Kronos
    • Direct deposit and W4s for all employees
    • Payroll Deductions for Organizations and Alternate Certifications
    • Employee name changes and address changes

    Payroll Administrative Assistant - Stacey Lubke

    • Employment verification requests
    • Athletics payroll
    • Employee name and address changes
    • W2 reprints

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