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  • Goal:
    To support students’ social interaction and academic achievement with the following programs. To foster an environment of lifelong learning for students in the Lewisville school district through providing educational, social, and recreational programs and services after the regular school day and during the summer.

    Programs & Services

    1) Extended School Day - Students in grades K-5 stay at school until 6:30 p.m. daily for activities that include time for play, homework, and creative growth through music, technology, arts and crafts, reading, lesson plans, and sports. In the 2018-2019 school year, approximately 2,500 children were served daily at 40 campuses in this fee-based childcare program.

    2) After-school enrichment programs - More than 10,000 students in grades K-5 participated in fee-based programs last school year. We have a variety of vendors, including Dynasty Dance, Encore Kids, Successful Student and Athletes (SSA), and Wize Academy.

    3) Summer Day Camp (state licensed) - Students entering grades 1-6 enjoy exciting field trips, hot lunch and snacks, Olympic-style challenge games, swimming, arts and crafts, reading, curriculum, and special events featuring science labs and physical fitness. Camps are fee-based, and over 1,800 students attend camp for seven weeks at select elementary schools.

    For adults in our community, Campus Support Services provides monthly GED testing in English and Spanish at the Lewisville High School Harmon campus. In addition, we offer fee-based GED Test Preparation classes at night during the school year at the LHS Harmon campus. 

    CSS also sponsors the “Exceptional Student School Performance” awards ceremony for LISD elementary students receiving Special Education services.

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