• Campus Support Services (CSS) acts as a referral service for the LISD Tutoring Service.**

    Information is collected from certified teachers who would like to tutor students outside of school hours. A list of tutors is available on our website and phone numbers and email addresses are provided.

    Parents contact the desired tutor directly.  Rates and tutoring location (your house/tutor's house) is up to you and the tutor.  The Tutoring List is updated on an on-going basis. 

    For a list of tutors click this link: Tutor List Updated September 12

    NOTE to Tutors: It is against local policy for a teacher to be paid for tutoring any student who is currently in his/her class (exception: summertime).  In addition, it is against local policy to use school district facilities for tutoring if you are receiving payment.

    Teachers who are interested in becoming an LISD Tutor please fill out this application:

    Tutor Application  **Current LISD Employees only.

    Questions?  Contact our office, 469-713-5997.