• High School

    LISD G/T courses are designed to meet the needs of gifted learners and are highly recommended due to the use of diverse instructional strategies and the specialized training requirements for teachers. Honors, Advanced Placement, and Dual Credit courses are available to G/T students. GPA credit awarded is the same for G/T-designated courses and Honors or AP courses. Students identified as G/T are required to take at least one advanced academics course per school year. 

    G/T course offerings vary by campus but may include the following:

    • 9th Grade: G/T Honors Geometry and G/T Honors ELA 1
    • 10th Grade: G/T Honors Chemistry, G/T AP World History, and G/T Honors ELA 2
    • 11th Grade: G/T AP Precalculus, G/T AP US History, and G/T AP ELA 3
    • 12th Grade: G/T AP Calculus AB, G/T AP Economics, G/T US Government, and G/T AP ELA 4

    If a designated G/T course does not meet minimum enrollment requirements, the G/T students will be clustered in the corresponding course offering. 

    Students are encouraged to reach out to their campus counselor regarding availability of G/T courses on campus.

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