• LISD Gifted and Talented

    LISD Gifted and Talented Mission

    We strive to identify and engage a diverse population of gifted and talented (G/T) students, build relationships that support student growth, ignite within students a desire for learning, and provide services and supports to meet students' unique social-emotional and educational needs every day. 

    We believe that Gifted and Talented students...

    • Benefit from shared family, community, and school partnerships in developing individualized services.

    • Possess unique social-emotional and educational needs that must be addressed for overall success.

    • Deserve the opportunity to explore their unique passions and capabilities.

    • Need families, educators, and community members to have ongoing learning equipping them to support the whole child.

    • Value and need opportunities to work with like-minded peers.

    • Are present in all populations and cultures.

    • Require flexibility in systems and services.

  • Elementary
  • Secondary