• Middle School (Grades 6-8)

    A set of broad, shared approaches to teaching and learning will ground the standard experiences for students and define a culture of high expectations in ALL LISD courses. These ideas are grounded in the LISD vision, mission, and our 4 Cornerstones.

    • A commitment to creating a classroom community of learners
    • A commitment to rich, authentic learning experiences
    • A commitment to instructional practices that promote meaning-making
    • A commitment to assessment practices that lead to deep learning
    • A commitment to a student-centered approach to instructional design

    As students transition from elementary to middle school, identified G/T students are served through G/T or Honors courses in English Language Arts & Reading, Science, and Math. Identified G/T students are required to enroll in at least ONE advanced class in grades 6-12. If a dedicated G/T course does not meet minimum enrollment requirements, the G/T students will be clustered in the corresponding Honors course offering.

    Click below to learn more about middle school G/T courses. 

  • LEAP
  • G/T Science
  • Honors Math
  • In addition to these course offerings, middle school G/T students develop personalized service plans in order to learn the importance of setting goals, internalize their current self and design who they want to become through setting academic and/or personal growth goals aiming for heightened self-awareness and whole child growth.

    The resources linked below provide additional information regarding secondary G/T referrals and services.

  • Does My Child Need G/T Services?
  • Referral Information
  • Talking to Students about Testing
  • Transfers, Furlough, & Exits
  • G/T Services: From 5th to 6th