Student Assessment

  • Should I have my student tested for giftedness?

    Students with gifted and talented abilities often display advanced characteristics, as compared with students of the same age.   If several G/T characteristics are observed on a regular basis over time, Gifted and Talented testing should be considered in order to identify possible educational needs and provide appropriate services.

    What are G/T Characteristics?

    Students with gifted and talented abilities often display some of the following characteristics:

    • Advanced Language: Uses advanced language compared to peers. Enjoys telling detailed stories.  Has large storehouse of information and extensive vocabulary. Expressive. Makes comparisons to explain relationships.
    • Analytical Thinking: Has a high level of problem-solving and reasoning skills.  Aware. Observes surroundings intensely and is attentive to details in the environment. Understands complex ideas and thoughts. Sees patterns. Thinks deeply.
    • Meaning Motivation: Curious.  Asks questions to make sense of rules and relationships.  Generates original solutions to problems. Persistent in areas of interest. Creates unique products and innovations. Makes unexpected connections.
    • Perspective: Understands different points of view.  Insightful.  Values fairness.  Sees the “bigger picture.”  Creative when solving problems or looking for solutions. Demonstrates complex perspective in work.
    • Sense of Humor: Understands and uses subtle nuances of language.  Highly creative, fun loving, witty. Experiments with language figuratively for humorous effect. Unusual imagination.
    • Sensitivity: Empathetic. Internalizes others feelings and emotions. Shows awareness of problems that others may not recognize. Exhibits concern for world issues. Cares deeply. Extensive memory about people and conversations.
    • Accelerated Learning: Learns quickly.  Large storehouse of information.  Sees patterns in procedures, experiences, ideas. Sees logical and common sense answers.  Performs better with more challenging or complex tasks. 


    Students may be nominated or referred for G/T testing at any time (with the exception of Kindergarten) by teachers, counselors, parents or other interested persons.  Testing criteria is specific to the state definition of gifted and talented and shall ensure the fair assessment of students with special needs, such as the culturally different, the economically disadvantaged, and students with disabilities.

    Data is collected through both objective and subjective assessments. Assessment tools may include but are not limited to, the following: achievement tests, intelligence tests, creativity tests, behavioral checklists completed by teachers and parents, student/parent conferences, and available student work products.

    G/T Services are designed to develop critical and creative thinking skills, problem-solving skills, and reference skills for students demonstrating gifted abilities.  The specific services each student receives may vary, depending on the student’s placement recommendation and emerging educational, social, and emotional needs. 

    How do I start the G/T referral and testing process?

    If you are a parent who would like to refer a student for G/T testing, please follow the steps indicated below. 

    Elementary Students:

    Students in K-3 are systematically screened with formal and informal assessments during their time in the primary grades. Planned experiences and classroom observations are conducted multiple times each year by campus G/T Facilitators in order to identify students exhibiting emerging gifted attributes. Additionally, universal screeners are administered in kindergarten and grade 3. Data gained is used to determine gifted/talented testing readiness. 

    Prior to initiating a formal testing referral, parents are encouraged to schedule a conference with the classroom teacher and/or campus G/T Facilitator to determine the ideal time for each student to enter the formal gifted/talented identification process. If a child is tested and does not qualify, the child can be re-tested once every 12 months.

    Middle and High School Students: Please use this link: to begin the referral process. 

    SPRING 2022 Secondary (Grades 6-11) G/T Referral and Testing Schedule

    Parent and Staff Referral Window Open

    January 6 - March 4

    Teacher Observations of Referred Students

    February 1- April 8

    G/T Test Administration on Campus

    March 23- April 27

    Campus Committee Meetings

    May 4-10

    District Selection Committee Meeting

    May 13

    Results Delivered to Parents and Campus

    May 18-19