Provisional Rider's Contract

  • Lewisville Independent School District has determined that Students that do not meet the two-mile eligibility requirements for bus service, but live within very close proximity of a designated bus stop, may request permission to ride on the bus if/when space is available. Provisional riders are not guaranteed a seat on the bus but may ride if/when Transportation has determined that there is sufficient space and the driver can safely transport them.

    LISD will be implementing Provisional Rider Contracts for the 2023-2024 school year once routes and ridership data is established after the first three full weeks of school. Provisional Rider Contracts will be considered with Campus approvals beginning September 5; Provisional Riders could start riding September 11th.

    Please note that Provisional Ridership is determined jointly by TCSB staff with Campus Administration. Typically, the permission to ride an existing route is the responsibility of campus administrators with input from TCSB staff on route and ridership data.