Budget Reductions

  • Fiscal Year 2025

    Guiding Principles
    Budget reductions will be guided by Budget Resolution Guiding Principles below passed by the LISD Board of Trustees in March 2024.

  • Student Learning Cornerstone

  • Student Experience Cornerstone

  • Resource Stewardship Cornerstone

  • Community Engagement Cornerstone

  • FAQs

  • Why is LISD facing a budget deficit?

  • Why did the VATRE passed in November not address this budget situation?

  • Are any teachers losing jobs due to changes in the middle school schedule?

  • Are any teachers losing jobs due to low enrollment electives?

  • With the bonds that have recently been passed, will that help with the deficit budget the district is facing?

  • What about the district fund balance?

  • I have heard that public education funding is actually between $12,000-$14,000 per student, is that true for LISD?

  • With property appraisal values increasing, how is this not providing enough money for LISD to operate with?