Single-Member Districts

  • New for 2023-24

    Lewisville ISD Board Finalizes Single-Member Districts, At-Large Seats
    The changes will go into effect with the May 2024 Board election.

    The Lewisville ISD Board of Trustees at its August 28 meeting finalized the district’s plan to transition to five single-member districts and two at-large seats beginning in the May 2024 Board election. 

    Each of these five districts are substantially equal in total population as required by law, based upon 2020 Census summary population counts. “Substantially equal” means that each district is as close as practically possible to the exact mathematical ideal of 63,708 persons in a district, i.e., one-fifth of the total population of LISD. In addition to prioritizing the combined voting strength of Hispanics and Black residents, the districts also ensured four of the five districts represent two high school feeder patterns.

    Find out which Board Member represents you:

    The current “Places” will now be referred to as Single Member Districts 1-5. All trustees may serve out their current term. The election dates for the new Districts and At-Large places are as follows:

    Single Member District 1 - May 2024
    Single Member District 2 - May 2025
    Single Member District 3 - May 2025
    Single Member District 4 - May 2026
    Single Member District 5 - May 2026
    At Large Place 6 - May 2024
    At Large Place 7 - May 2025

    LISD Board Statement
    The Board remains steadfast in its belief that every Trustee represents every student across our 127-square mile district, and not just those in close proximity to the residence of a Trustee. We will work together as we always have to ensure Lewisville ISD continues to engage and inspire learners and leaders, and that all the families we serve feel a sense of belonging in our schools.


  • Why is the Board of Trustees changing the way that trustees are elected?

  • How are single-member districts different from what we have now?

  • How were the proposed single-member district boundaries determined?

  • Will LISD voters approve the single-member district boundaries and/or the entire plan to change LISD’s electoral system to a 5-2 system?

  • When will the transition plan to the 5-2 system take place?

  • What will happen to current trustees?

  • How can I tell in what single-member district I reside?

  • Once approved and implemented, would single-member district boundaries ever be changed?

  • How are other school district board election systems set up?

  • How will residents’ ability to vote be impacted?

  • What happens if no candidates in a single-member district choose to run in that district’s election?