Bolin Professional Learning Center Room Reservation Information


    Please complete the following steps to ensure your reservation and room needs are fulfilled.

    1. Check availability of rooms on the google calendars - contact Grace Wafford if you need permission to view these calendars.
    2. Complete the Room Reservation Form linked below. If you are reserving a room in LISDAC or a Mascot room, you may scroll to the Room Reservation Form below.
    3. Follow the instructions you receive in the confirmation email.
    4. When you arrive at the Bolin Professional Learning Center for your event, check-in with Grace Wafford and pick up your presenter box.
    5. Your presenter box will contain the following:
      1. A cable for connecting your laptop to the display screen
      2. A presenter device (clicker) to control your computer
      3. Guest WiFi information cards
      4. A COVID guidelines and procedures handout
      5. A map of the building layout
      6. A microphone (for larger rooms only, unless requested)
    6. At the conclusion of your session, please complete the following:
      1. Return tables and chairs to their original placement.
      2. clean and disinfect tables, chairs, and equipment with the provided supplies.
      3. Return the presenter box to Grace. 


    Other Considerations

    • You may want to include this map in your communications with your attendees so they know where to park and enter the facility. 
    • It is the responsibility of the facilitator to arrange the furniture in a way that meets your needs.
    • Please review the Covid Guidelines and the Room Capacity information prior to completing the Room Reservation Form. 
    • All LISD employees must wear their badges at all times while in the building. We have also implemented a new visitor management system in order to screen all non-LISD attendees. Upon arriving at the Bolin Professional Learning Center, all non-LISD attendees will need to check in with Grace Wafford at reception where they will sign in, have their driver's licenses scanned, and be given a visitor's badge to wear while in the building. Please make sure to remind all non-LISD attendees to bring their driver's license with them to the event or they will not be able to enter the building.



    For questions regarding rooms in the Bolin Professional Learning Center, contact Grace Wafford

    For questions regarding rooms in LISDAC, contact Amy Procassini-Bullard

    For questions regarding the mascot rooms, contact Stacy Layne


  • Bolin Professional Learning Center Layout

    Rooms will be assigned based on the number of participants entered in the Room Reservation Form.

    Click on the room to view the room configuration. 

     See below for more details about the Bolin Professional Learning Center


  • Guidelines and Room Capacity

    • We are currently operating in Level Orange.

    • The room capacity allows for 1 person per table group. A single room will accommodate 8 attendees plus the presenter. 

    • Consult the document below for additional guidelines.


  • Please watch the 1-minute video below before arriving at the Bolin Professional Learning Center