LISDOLA Discovery Days

  • LISDOLA: More Than a Walk in the Woods

    Lewisville Independent School District Outdoor Learning Area's (LISDOLA) Discovery Days

    Open to the public every second Saturday of the month from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. For inquiries, please contact

    What does LISDOLA offer on Discovery Days?

    • Natural place that is close and has no cost
    • Walking trails that are ‘family-friendly’
    • Trails that loop around for short walks, longer walks or really long walks
    • Picnic areas for lunch or snacking (but please not for parties)
    • Outdoor checkerboards & other play opportunities
    • Outdoor drinking fountain
    • Restrooms
    • Interactive watershed model that highlights this valuable resource - water
    • Virtual Naturalist trail signage - learn while you walk
    • Trail signs and maps

    2020-21 Discovery Days Calendar:

    Please note, all Discovery Days are currently on hold due to COVID-19. Please check back before visiting LISDOLA.

    • July 11
    • Aug. 8
    • Sept. 12
    • Oct. 10
    • Nov. 14
    • Dec. 12
    • Jan. 9
    • Feb. 6 (First Saturday this month)
    • April 10 (Second Saturday due to Easter)
    • May 8
    • June 12
    • July 10

    *No event in March due to Spring Break. Please remember to bring your own water or snacks. There is no vending onsite.