• The LISD Discovery Academy offers a distinctive learning environment designed to meet the developmental needs of young learners ages three and four. Students are provided with nurturing pre-academic teaching designed to help students flourish in their years before kindergarten. Students attend enrichment classes for STEM, art, music, and PE on a weekly basis. All Discovery Academy classes follow the LISD Prekindergarten curriculum, which is developed by certified prekindergarten teachers and is based on Texas Prekindergarten Guidelines, including an emphasis on language and literacy, mathematics, science, social studies, technology, music, art, creative dramatics, health, safety, physical, emotional and social development. See www.tea.state.tx.us for more details. 

    Refer to the Discovery Academy Handbook for more information about LISD's unique, tuition-based prekindergarten program. 

    WHO: Children who will be ages three and four as of Sept. 1 of the school year for enrollment. Priority enrollment will be given to children living within the designated school zone. However, students living outside of school zones may also apply. Limited space is available to children who qualify for state-funded PreK and for children or grandchildren of LISD employees looking for a full day option. Discovery Academy students must be fully toilet trained to participate; ie. no frequent accidents, diapers or pull-ups. Students must also abide by the LISD Student Code of Conduct. The ratio for each class is 11:1 during the instructional hours of the school day with one certified teacher and one paraprofessional for up to 22 students. 

    WHAT: Discovery Academy classes provide:

    • Interest centers, such as dramatic play, block building, stories and books, science and nature activities, art and music, sensory, and problem-solving activities that are clearly defined, organized for independent use by children and arranged so that children’s activities are visible to the teacher and paraprofessional.
    • Engaging learning experiences and age-appropriate environments that nurture curiosity, collaboration, problem-solving, communication, and cooperation.
    • Time is devoted each day to learning in a variety of instructional arrangements; whole groups, small groups, and independent learning centers.
    • Technology such as iPads, interactive Smart Boards and Coding robots are employed to foster computational thinking and creativity.
    • A language and literacy rich environment including interactive read alouds, books, vocabulary and labels to promote  development.
    • Math manipulatives to promote exploration and inquiry. Students will encounter numerous opportunities to count, compare numbers, create and extend patterns, explore foundational geometry skills, and solve problems.
    • Materials and areas to support intentional, age-appropriate social-emotional development and interactions.
    • Time in the daily schedule for recess, play, meals, nap, and an afternoon snack. 

    TUITION: 9 monthly payments, August - April, of $820 per month with a non-refundable registration fee of $220 ($100 is credited towards the first month's tuition). Tuition is due on the first of every month. Students who are eligible for state-funded PreK receive a reduced tuition rate. Tuition pricing can be found HERE.

    WHEN: 6:50 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Because these classes are located on an Elementary Campus, it is imperative that Discovery Academy students arrive on or before the start of the scheduled school day and are picked up on or after the elementary school’s dismissal time.

    WHERE: Hebron Valley Elementary, Heritage Elementary, Liberty Elementary, and Valley Ridge Elementary   

    Additional information:

    • Children must be fully potty trained and independent at toileting. No frequent accidents, diapers or pull-ups are permitted, including at nap-time.
    • Students are expected to abide by the LISD Student Code of Conduct.