Frequently Asked Questions

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    How is DOI innovative?

    LISD does not consider DOI to be particularly innovative in and of itself. However, the exemptions considered allow the district to utilize processes already in place for making local decisions. Additionally, inclusion in the Local Innovation Plan does not guarantee that an exemption would be utilized. For example, the Academic Calendar Committee will still be utilized to develop calendar options for community input and board approval on an annual basis. DOI will allow that committee to consider various start dates as were available until several years ago, but does not require that an earlier start date be utilized.

    How will a District of Innovation Designation impact employee pay/compensation in LISD?

    There is no provision in the exemptions under consideration by the DOI Committee that would impact employee pay in LISD. This is not something that LISD would be willing to compromise on or consider.

    I see that other districts have exempted themselves from K-4 Class Size limits in their Local Innovation Plans. Is LISD considering removing the statutory cap on elementary class sizes?

    This was a possible exemption that the committee quickly eliminated from consideration. LISD values the importance of elementary class sizes and has no intention to add this exemption to the list.

    Once LISD becomes a District of Innovation can additional exemptions just be added?

    LISD may only access those exemptions included in the Local Innovation Plan. Upon becoming a District of Innovation, a district can amend their plan, but must follow the same process as approval (committee recommendation, DCLT approval, and 2/3 approval vote of the Board). Neither the DOI Committee or the District itself may just add other exemptions to the approved plan.

    Does the Commissioner of Education have to approve a Local Innovation Plan? If so, what is the timeframe required for that approval.

    No. Once a district is eligible to become a District of Innovation and their Board approves the Local Innovation Plan, it is submitted to the Commissioner. The Board must notify the Commissioner of its intent to vote on a plan and whether or not the plan was approved, but no “permission” is required from the Commissioner.

    Will LISD eliminate teacher contracts under a District of Innovation designation?

    This is not an exemption the DOI Committee even considered. LISD recognizes the value of teacher and administrator contracts and has no plan to eliminate contracts.