DOI Plan Exemptions

  • Uniform Start Date

    The Texas Education Code does not allow school districts to begin school before the fourth Monday of August. This requirement restricts the community from designing a calendar that best meets the needs of students and families.

    Why does LISD need this exemption?

    Lewisville ISD regularly implements an academic calendar that begins before the fourth Monday in August because it provides the flexibility needed to maximize instructional time available before key exams and more closely aligns our high school dual credit courses.

    Campus Behavior Coordinator

    The Texas Education Code requires each campus to name a single Campus Behavior Coordinator.

    Why does LISD need this exemption?

    An exemption from TEC 37.0012 allows campus principals to delegate discipline duties to the appropriate assistant principals across the campus in recognition of the systems the district has had in place for years. It also recognizes the collaborative approach LISD values in student discipline as families, counselors, and the appropriate administrators work together.

    Probationary Contracts for Experienced Teachers

    The Texas Education Code  states that a probationary contract may not exceed one year for a person who has been employed as a teacher in public education for at least five of the eight years preceding employment in the district.

    Why does LISD need this exemption?

    In very limited cases, a campus administrator may want to recommend an additional year of probationary contract when such a teacher is showing growth, but not yet at the point of performance that is expected of an LISD teacher on a term contract. The decision to offer a 2nd probationary contract would be contingent on collaboration with the appropriate Employee Services Administrator and approval by the Superintendent.

    Educator Certification for Teachers in State-Identified Shortage Areas in Non-Compliance Programs

    The Texas Education Code outlines numerous provisions for state certification standards for all teachers. Due to ongoing and anticipated teacher shortages, the District of Innovation Committee is proposing an expansion of the areas under which we might leverage this exemption to include state-identified teacher shortage areas. Each year, the Texas Education Agency (TEA) identifies teacher shortage areas within the state and submits that list for approval by the U.S. Department of Education.

    Why does LISD need this exemption?

    Exemptions to teacher certification requirements in state-identified shortage areas allows LISD to pursue otherwise qualified candidates when certified teachers are not available. For example, this exemption may be used to hire a teacher who holds a current teaching certificate, but not in the content area or subject in which they are being assigned to teach. Teachers with current certifications and credentials will remain the preference; however, if Lewisville ISD encounters staffing shortages, this exemption can offer the flexibility needed to address our unique staffing needs.