• If you are currently zoned for TCHS, your bus route, if applicable, can be found here.

    If you are not zoned for TCHS, LISD provides a hub transportation system for Collegiate students.  Here is some information regarding transportation.  Prior to each school year, Collegiate Academy will send out a parent survey to best determine the placement of hubs.  For the current school year, the hubs are Hebron HS, FMHS, MHS, Killough and Harmon.  



    1. Where will the buses pick-up and drop-off at each school?
      1. Buses will pick-up and drop-off in the designated bus loop area at each campus.
    1. What time will buses arrive on the campus each morning?
      1. Buses are scheduled to arrive by 7:55 each morning. Often, times fluctuate due to traffic or other unforeseen circumstances, but the target time for arrival is 7:55 a.m., allowing students time to eat breakfast, take care of other needs and responsibilities, and to get to class on time.
    1. Will transportation be provided for students participating before school or after school in extracurricular activities?
      1. Transportation needs for activities outside of the regular instructional day will be the responsibility of Collegiate Academy parents and students.
    1. What if I need to change my hub?
      1. Students may access any hub that is most convenient and may change if needed. 
    1. Do I have to go to the hub of the high school I am zoned for? 
      1. No, students may access the hub that is most convenient.