Technology Repair Center

  • trc logo Our Goals:

    • To perform high quality repairs done right the first time.
    • To complete repairs and services in a timely fashion.
    • Empower students with knowledge, skills, and experiences that will help them develop successful workforce skills.

    What happens in the Technology Repair Center?

    • Diagnostics
    • On-site Repairs
    • Warranty Repairs
    • Customer Service

    The LISD Technology Repair Center (TRC) is a student staffed repair shop that supports the 1:x iPads; Macbooks; and Microsoft Windows devices used by our students and staff.  TRC Student Interns learn how to troubleshoot and repair hardware; work with vendors to process devices that are still under manufacturer warranty or are being repaired by 3rdparty vendors.  Additionally, TRC Student Interns interact with staff, students and their parents to resolve hardware repairs in an effective and efficient manner.  This interaction teaches soft skills such as customer service and problem resolution.


    Contact your teacher, counselor, or our TRC Coordinator:

    Valory Abboud