2nd Grade Swim Program

  • This program is designed to teach young children the importance of water safety. It includes observing surrondings, basic pool rules, open water laws and PFD (personal floatation device) usage, helping others without endangering themselves and swim and survival stroke skills.

    It stresses swimming as not only a great sport, but a life skill. 

    Mission Statement: To develop swimming skills, to save lives by teaching participants about water safety, to build champions in life by giving our students the tools to make good decisions in and around water.

    Swim Instructors will test each student and group levels will be created in a challenging yet nurturing environment. Depending on the students' level of ability, students will be tested for water competency in a pool environment. Jump in, tread or float for one minute, swim 25 yards on front, back or both and climb out. Each day there will be safety lessons.

    These safety lessons are based on the Red Cross Safety Program, Longfellow Whale Tales. The main theme we want our students to come away with is “Do your Part, Be Water Smart”.

    Goals for all students:

    • Be water safe according to the Red Cross Water Competent guidelines
    • Know their own limits and abilities
    • Increase swim level