*Water Temperatures range from 76 - 81 degrees


    2024 Summer Lessons are available

    @ the Westside Aquatic Center 

    Lesson Information



    Class Dates:                          

    Session 1:                                        

    Session 2:  

    Session 3: 


    General Information and Class Times:

    Each class is 6 lessons, 40 minutes in length.  For ages 1st Grade & Up & At least 42 inches tall

    A minimum of 2 swimmers are needed to make a class. 

    Mornings 10:40 - 11:20 / 11:25 - 12:05 / 12:10 - 12:50


    Swim Lesson Levels: For Ages 1st Grade & Up

    Beginner: No swimming skills required.  Swimmers will learn blowing bubbles, floating on front and back and swimming on front and back.  To move to the next level, they will need to be able to swim without help, to the flags on their front and back.

     Advanced Beginner: Can swim on their stomach with their face in the water and on their back for 7 yards without help.  The students will learn how to continue swimming after lifting for a breath, backstroke, and the kick for breaststroke before moving to the next level.

    Intermediate: Can swim on their stomach with face in the water and backstroke, halfway down the pool without help. The students will learn the entire stroke of breaststroke and breathing to the side on freestyle before moving to the next level.

    Advanced: Can already swim breaststroke, backstroke, and freestyle breathing to the side, without lifting the head, for 25 yards.  The swimmers will learn butterfly and flip turns, while improving their techniques in the other three strokes.



    $75 for LISD Employees and $80 for the Public


    Registration & Payments:

    Registration starts _______ - We offer lessons for ages 1st Grade & Up

    Registration Times: Till _______: Monday-Friday 4:30-7:30pm

                        Starting _______: Mon - Thurs 10:30am - 12:50pm

    To register, you must come to the LISD Aquatic Center

    Cash, check, or money order is accepted.  Checks payable to the LISD Aquatic Center

    We do not accept credit or debit cards



    Refunds are only available on a case-by-case basis. 

    No refunds will be given once the start date has occurred.

    No refunds are given for pool temperature.


    Special Notes:

    Requests for a male or female teacher cannot be guaranteed. We also reserve the right to move your student to a different level then registered for, if the student needs the change.

    If there is a pool closure, the make-up dates will be posted on the door.  Since a make-up is offered and given for pool closures, a refund will not occur. For questions about make-up dates after closures, please contact Jennifer Peele (peelej@lisd.net).

    The upstairs restrooms are for going to the restroom, only. No changing in the restrooms. Swimmers are to arrive and leave in their swimsuits. 

    No Parents are allowed on deck.  Parents put caps and goggles on your kiddos in the lobby & keep shoes. Please make sure your swimmer goes to the restroom before class starts. Instructors will come up to the lobby to get the swimmers and will bring them back up the ramp after class.