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     Welcome to Lewisville ISD Facility Rentals


    Lewisville ISD allows non-school use of its facilities as described in the LISD Facility Use Packet (located below). The LISD Facility Use Packet provides general rules and regulations for all area types and is then segmented based on the type of area being requested. Rooms and athletic fields that are available for non-school use are listed at the beginning of each area type section. Area types include:

    • Stadiums
    • Campus Outdoor
    • Campus Indoor

    Aquatic facilities are also available for non-school use, please contact the LISD Facility Services Rental Coordinator at  rentals@lisd.net  for questions regarding those locations.



    Requests are to be initiated as follows:

    Campus Indoor and Outdoor Areas

    Please submit Campus Indoor Facility Use Applications and Campus Outdoor Facility Use Applications (both included in the Facility Rental Packet below) directly to the campus of your choice. Applications should be submitted 45 business days in advance of the event. Each LISD campus has a designated contact that accepts applications for the campus. Upon receipt of the application, the campus contact will begin the process of determining availability of the requested area and required personnel.

    Please contact the desired campus to secure the contact information needed to submit these applications.   Campus phone numbers can be found by following this link, LISD A-Z School List. For a map of LISD campus locations, follow this link, Feeder Patterns/Full Boundary Map.

    High School and Middle School Stadiums

    Please submit the High School and Middle School Stadium Facility Use Application (included in the Facility Rental Packet below) to LISD’s Facility Services Rental Coordinator at rentals@lisd.net .

    Aquatic Centers

    Please submit the Aquatic Center Facility Use Application to  Shannon Gillespy .



    Applicants may be contacted and asked to provide additional information. Once a determination has been made regarding the availability of the requested area, required rental personnel and suitability of the event, applicants will be contacted via email regarding the status of their application.  

    Upon approval of the application, the applicant will also receive an email providing an estimate of the charges and a request to submit the signed agreement and required Certificate of Insurance. Submittal of the signed agreement will indicate acceptance of the terms, conditions and estimated charges.

    Please direct any question regarding the application process, rules, regulations and pricing to rentals@lisd.net  or 469-948-7810.



     2019 LISD Facility Rental Packet

    2019 Facility Rental Packet

     2020 LISD Facility Rental Packet (new rates effective 1/1/2020)

    2020 Facility Rental Packet


    Last updated 1/8/2020