Terms and Definitions

  • Accession number – Is a one-time occurring number that is printed on a special barcode label which is then placed on the inside of each state-adopted textbook in use by LISD. 

    Barcode – Textbooks issued to students in Lewisville Independent School District have a special barcode placed in them. This barcode is usually found on the inside cover of a textbook. The barcode is printed and placed in each textbook by the Textbook Warehouse staff. The barcode has the ISBN at the top, followed by the name of the textbook and the Accession number is on the bottom of the barcode. 

    • How does LISD keep track of my child’s textbook? When a student is issued a textbook, the student’s ID, ISBN and Accession number are scanned – linking the textbook to a particular student. In this way, we have a computer record of each textbook and which student it is issued to.

      ID(Identification Number) is a unique number that is assigned to each student in LISD. This number is used to keep track of student records, attendance, and is also used when assigning textbooks to students. 

      ISBN(International Standard Book Number) is a unique, internationally utilized number code assigned to books for the purposes of identification and inventory control. ISBNs may be 10 digits or 13 digits long. If you would like to convert an ISBN from 10 digits to 13 digits (or vice versa), you can do so at the following website

      MLC(Multi List Code) is a 4-digit number assigned to state-approved courses by the Texas Education Agency.

      Textbook Responsibilities – Each student (or parent/guardian) is responsible for the textbooks issued to them. A student who fails to return all textbooks will not be issued additional textbooks until the books are returned or paid for. 

      A student who has misused a textbook (i.e. defacement, torn out pages, water damage, etc.) will be required to pay for the textbook. 

      A student who has misused a textbook with the result being minor damage, will be charged a fine.

      My child misplaced his textbook. What do we do next? Go to the main office or talk to your child’s teacher and let them know that you can’t find the textbook. They will visit you about the next step.

      TEA(Texas Education Agency) is the agency that oversees education for the State of Texas. The SBOE (State Board of Education) is the governing board inside the TEA. We have provided a link to their website under the heading Links.