Library Media Services


    In accordance with the LISD board policy CY local:

    The District shall designate an agent to receive notification of alleged online copyright infringement and shall notify the U.S. Copyright Office of the designated agent’s identity.  The District shall include on its Web site information on how to contact the District’s designated agent and a copy of the District’s copyright policy.  (board policy CY local) Upon notification, the District’s designated agent shall take all actions necessary to remedy any violation.  The District shall provide the designated agent with appropriate training and resources necessary to protect the District.

    If a content owner reasonably believes that the District’s technology resources have been used to infringe upon a copyright, the owner may notify the designated agent: LISD Legal Services - - D'Ann Bey

    Here are some links to help you through the Copyright quagmire:

    • Copyright Crash Course This site, created by the University of Texas libraries, offers educators a comprehensive tutorial about the teacher's role in promoting fair use as well as information about following the fair use guidelines.
    • U.S. Copyright Office This federal government site offers a basic summary of the law as well as FAQs and publications related to copyright concerns.