• ADAPT (Alternative Discipline And Parent Training) is an evidence-based program effective in a reducing student problem behaviors and increasing parent involvement. 

    The ADAPT program is an alternative discipline program for elementary, middle and high school students. 

    When a family is offered the option of ADAPT both the student and parent attend 3 sessions seperately with a counselor. ADAPT sessions are done in a group setting.

    The reasons for the ADAPT referral are:  

    • Instead of having typical discipline options (e.g. Suspension, DAEP).
    • Truancy

     Sessions are offered in English and Spanish

     Referrals to the ADAPT program is initiated by a campus administrator.

     What will be discussed?


    Elementary ADAPT

    Weekly Topics



    Rules, Responsibility and Behavior

    Rules, Responsibility and Behavior


    Communication and Conflict Resolution

    Creating New Routines

    Coping Skills and Growth Mindset

    For Elementary School:

            Elementary ADAPT Referral Process and Parent Info Sheet


     Middle and High School ADAPT

    Weekly Topics



    When Teens Need Your Help

    Why Rules?  Responsibility = Freedom

    Rules, Boundaries & Consequences

    Communication: Your Behavior Matters!

    Open Communication

    Coping Skills & Anger Management

    For Middle School and High School:

    Middle and High School ADAPT Parent Info Sheet and Referral Process

    The topics are rotated so the students and parents can start at any time.


     Contact school administrators, guidance counselors or the CHOICES office (469) 948-8680 for more information.