Lewisville ISD I Statements

  • Lewisville Independent School District is dedicated to producing students who are communicators, problem solvers, and self-directed learners.

    Student Learning

    I model lifelong learning.

    • Seek out personalized learning to demonstrate continuous growth.
    • Reflect on and share my learning with others.

    I ensure learning is based on defined standards.

    • Provide meaningful experiences in academic and non-academic areas.
    • Measure learning outcomes and adjust instruction based on student needs.

    I create an environment optimal for learning.

    • Create a safe environment to allow students to take risks and learn from mistakes.
    • Intentionally teach classroom structure and routines.
    • Differentiate instruction for all students.

    I ensure that learners are actively engaged in meaningful and relevant work.

    • Model and expect questioning and reflection.
    • Engage all learners.

    Resource Stewardship

    I embrace innovation with a flexible, relevant, and solution-oriented mindset.

    • Demonstrate enthusiasm for innovation.
    • Seek creative solutions to constraints.

    I have a mind for practicing efficient use of resources.

    • Utilize resources for the greatest student and staff impact.
    • Stay current with professional practices.

    I use resources in an effective and efficient way that serves others.

    • Commit to campus and district goals in making resource allocation decisions.
    • Strategically plan professional learning related to campus and district goals.
    • Prepare early and anticipate organizational needs.

    Student Experience

    I create safe and inclusive opportunities.

    • Create meaningful and positive relationships with all students.
    • Know and practice all safety protocols.

    I nurture each learner as an individual and as a citizen of the community.

    • Model and maintain a culture of respect.
    • Find and promote students’ passion and interest.

    I seek and encourage talent development.

    • Implement hiring practices that reflect LISD vision and mission.
    • Provide authentic learning experiences that acknowledge and build upon talents and strengths.

    I collaborate, communicate, and persevere.

    • View challenges as opportunities.
    • Create formal and informal opportunities to communicate our learning.
    • Work as a team and build partnerships across all areas.

    I engage in work that directly and indirectly creates positive experiences for learners.

    • Be positive and encouraging every day.
    • Turn personal interests into learning experiences.

    Community Engagement

    I go above and beyond to serve.

    • Seize the opportunity to serve outside the school day to build relationships.
    • See business and community partnerships to engage students.
    • Model community service to students.

    I seek out accurate information to represent my classroom.

    • Seek new and accurate information consistently and actively.
    • Represent LISD and my profession in a positive manner.

    I communicate with all stakeholders to understand diverse perspectives.

    • Practice active listening regarding differing opinions.
    • Understand the diverse backgrounds of the community to build relationships.
    • Demonstrate care and respect for others.

    I actively involve community partners in campus and district initiatives.

    • Recognize and appreciate community contributions to the schools, students and district.