• Student’s on Federal Free and Reduced Meals can  go to F207 (College & Career room) or to Mrs. Spinks in E120 for a fee waiver code for a fee waiver to take the SAT/ ACT at no cost. A secondary added bonus to taking the SAT/ACT for free is many universities use the SAT/ACT Fee Waiver to exempt college application fees. 
    Federal Free and Reduced application for LISD can be found at: https://www.lisd.net/Page/22804
    SAT- collegeboard.com

    You don't necessarily have to blow your budget on SAT prep books and tutors to get a great score. You can find several helpful — and totally free — resources online to help you study for the exam, like this SAT prep guide. Test prep and tutoring organizations offer many different types of tools as well, such as free SAT practice tests and online courses.

    If you want to raise your SAT score while sticking to a budget, you can find the best free SAT prep resources below.

    Study sites like Course Hero and PowerScore offer free materials to keep you engaged and motivated before your college admissions test.

    • Course Hero: Offers 24/7 tutors, flashcards, prep schedules, and free test materials for each section.

    • PowerScore: Offers free SAT and ACT practice exams, as well as tips on how to optimize your time for each section.

    • Khan Academy: Offers full-length SAT tests and other admissions practice test.

    • College Board:  Publishes free sample questions and free SAT practice tests so you can simulate the real deal. Practice tests come with detailed answer keys, which give you insight into how the SAT is scored.


    ACT- act.org

    What is the ACT?

    The American College Testing (ACT) exam is a standardized test that college and university admissions officers use to measure the academic achievements of current applicants. First offered in 1959, the ACT was originally created as an alternative to College Board's Scholastic Aptitude Test (now known as the SAT exam).

    It is comprised of four required sections -- English, mathematics, reading and science -- and one optional writing section. Each required section of the test is scored out of a possible 36 points, and a test-taker's final score represents a 'composite score' of the four sections.

    Preparing for the ACT can seem overwhelming, and the potential costs of preparing for and taking the test can add up. Luckily, there are several resources you can use for effective and free ACT prep.


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