Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Hollowell

Degrees & Certifications: 
University of North Texas Bachelor of Arts in English, Lang. Arts 
Secondary ELAR 7-12, English as a Second Language, TCU APSI Advanced Placement 

Education is my passion, and classroom teaching is just one of my vehicles. In addition to several years' experience teaching grades 7-12, I've deployed the language skills I teach to fuel my outside passions - namely, voice over narration and standup comedy. Additionally, I served as president of an education nonprofit for several years, during which time I worked with community partners to raise over 20,000 dollars for local arts and literacy initiatives. In short, I live by the belief that language skills propel us, and our communities, forward. I aim to teach my students how to navigate the complexities of the world by developing the skills to interpret, deconstruct, and deploy rhetoric.

Advisor of Interact Club

Tutoring (8:15 - 9:00): By appointment
Period 1 (9:00 - 10:00): Virtual AP English III
Period 2 (10:15 - 11:15): Conference
Period 3 (12:30 - 1:30): AP Humanities (A/B schedule)
Period 4 (1:45 - 2:45): Virtual AP Humanities (A/B schedule)
Tutoring (3:00 - 3:45): By appointment

*All times reflect LHS Main's Remote/Virtual bell schedule

Throughout remote/virtual learning, our scheduled class time will act as daily Open Office Hours where I will be available to assist students with questions and coursework.

AP Language & Composition Course Description
: An AP English Language and Composition course cultivates the reading and writing skills that students need for college success and for intellectually responsible civic engagement. The course guides students in becoming curious, critical, and responsive readers of diverse texts and becoming flexible, reflective writers of texts addressed to diverse audiences for diverse purposes. The reading and writing students do in the course should deepen and expand their understanding of how written language functions rhetorically: to communicate writers’ intentions and elicit readers’ responses in particular situations.