• I’m proud to be the Associate Principal at Lewisville High School.  I have been a part of the Long Maroon Line since 2009.  I am very committed to building strong relationships and leading by example.  It is very rewarding to serve the students, parents, teachers, staff and community of Lewisville.

    I am the Assistant Principal of our LHS students that are in the AVID (Advancement via Individual Determination) Program.  I work with our lead counselor to create our master class schedule, in conjunction with our testing coordinator, and work closely with the Math, Foreign Language, Dual Credit and AVID programs.

    I enjoy watching and cheering on all our students in their many endeavors whether it be academics, athletics, or fine arts.  All our students make a difference in our school and I am blessed to be a part of this chapter in our students’ lives.  My passion for education and supporting the success of all students is why I love my job at Lewisville High School.