Principal's Message

  • I’ve always been a Lewisville High School (LHS) Fighting Farmer and this year, with the support of our parents and community, I have the honor of leading our outstanding students and staff. There’s a lot of newness at LHS – new building, new staff, new students – and with that comes excitement and enthusiasm for a new school year. Our staff will continue implementation of Lewisville ISD’s (LISD) Strategic Design, which strives to provide more meaningful and relevant work to engage students in profound learning. 

    The dedication and creativity of our staff as well as the technology and flexibility of space our new building provides will allow LHS to be an outstanding example of transformational change for LISD. While it’s clear LHS understands and embraces the vision, ideas and direction citizen leaders have set forth for both students and teachers, it’s also important to remember the heritage that makes us Fighting Farmers. We understand and honor the traditions of LHS and its community, which allows us to blend current trends in education with the traditions on which LISD and LHS are based. 

    I’m a believer in collaboration and an educational model that is aligned from kindergarten through high school. We plan to facilitate the creation of a seamless journey for students as they move through elementary, middle and high school in the LHS feeder pattern. We’ve already taken steps to do a better job connecting our future Farmers to current and past Farmers. More than 5,000 guests streamed through the gates at Goldsmith Stadium for our annual Hey! Day. I was overwhelmed with the show of support from Farmer families and the community. Looking up at the packed stands when the Pep Rally started that night was powerful to see all our feeder schools represented and current students as well as alumni. All facets of the Lewisville community were represented. 

    In the future, we’ll be looking for more opportunities to bring together past, present and future Farmers. As a community, we will learn and grow in academics and extracurricular activities. I believe in our students, staff, teachers and community. I believe in the entire feeder system so much so that my family has elected to place our children in the LHS feeder schools with the hopes that they will be Fighting Farmers one day. 

    Our goal for LHS, the namesake school of the district, is to be a model of pride, tradition and success as well as the leader in professional learning and educational purpose. Everyone should know about LHS’ powerful teaching staff and the everyday success of students happening within its walls. As LHS and its feeder schools look to the future, it is important to build upon a precedent of success, with the understanding that we must adapt as students’ needs change and our learning environment propels into the 21st century. 

    This school year, look for great news as the Fighting Farmers work to achieve the district’s vision for all students to enjoy thriving, productive lives in a future they create. 

    Jeffrey Kajs, LHS Principal