Lewisville High School



    Fall 2016:
    October 17 - ELA TAKS Exit Level 
    October 18 - Math TAKS Exit Level
    October 19 - Science TAKS Exit Level 
    October 20 - Social Studies TAKS Exit Level 

    Spring 2017:
    March 6 - ELA TAKS Exit Level 
    March 7 - Math TAKS Exit Level
    March 8 - Science TAKS Exit Level 
    March 9 - Social Studies TAKS Exit Level 

    **Out of School Students must register with the state.  The deadline to register for the fall exam is September 23, 2016.  However, if you miss that registration deadline, the link will reopen starting October 1, 2016.  You may just show up on the day of the exam and the testing coordinator will register also.