• May 3rd - AP Government 
    • May 4th - AP Calculus AB/BC (8:00am); AP German (12:00pm)
    • May 5th - AP English Literature (Seniors) (8:00am); AP Physics 1 (12:00pm)
    • May 6th - AP U.S. History ( 8:00am); AP Computer Science A (12:00pm)
    • May 7th - AP Spanish Literature (8:00am); AP Studio Art
    • May 10th - AP French (8:00am); AP Macroeconomics (12:00pm)
    • May 11th - AP Spanish Language (8:00am); AP Psychology (12:00pm)
    • May 12th - AP English Language (Juniors) (8:00am)
    • May 13th - AP Statistics (12:00pm)
    • May 14th - AP Environmental Science (12:00pm)


    If you are a homebound or homeschooled student and would like to participate in any of these AP exams, please email Holly Spinks, AP Coordinator, at spinksh@lisd.net


    If you are taking AP Chemistry, AP Biology, AP World History or AP Human Geography, those exams will be given at Harmon and/or Killough.


    *AP Exam Day Polcies