College Lunch Visits

  • Students at LHS have the opportunity to visit with college representatives during lunch visits, college fairs, and information sessions held throughout the metroplex. Take time to visit these colleges; you may discover that you are better suited for a certain type of school setting after visiting with the college reps. Explore all types - small, large, public, private. Then, make a decision based on a well-informed exploration of all types of colleges and universities.
    Lunch Visits: College representatives are available in our College and Career Center (F207) during Block Lunch.
    Calendar of College Block Lunch Visits:
    *New dates coming soon!
    Students from the University of North Texas are at LHS in the College and Career Center every Friday in the College and Career Center (Rm F207) to assist students with questions regarding college applications, financial aid, college majors, and all other questions related to preparing for college.