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  • Students, would you like to schedule a visit with your counselor?  

    ***Due to the high volume of scheduling requests at the beginning of the school year, please email your counselor or fill out the schedule change request form available at the counselors' offices. Thank you for your patience during this busy time.***

    Fill out the request with your corresponding counselor to schedule a visit.

    A - CE
     - Claudia Smith - Click here

    CH - GI - Yvette St. Romain (Swain) - Click here 

    GO - LE - Diana Alagood - Click here

    LI - O - Jamie Pulpaneck - Click here

    P - SA  Erin Somers - Click here

    SC - Z - Shaily Mosby - Click here

    AVID students/Lead Counselor - Maria Ortiz - Click here


    College & Career Counseling - Debbie Lewis - Click here

    Student Assistance Counselor - JoAnn Short - Click here


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