• TSI Assessment
    The TSI (Texas Success Initiative) is required for admission into all Texas 2 or 4-year colleges. Its purpose is to assess the reading, mathematics, and writing skills that entering freshman-level students should have if they are to perform effectively in undergraduate certificate or degree programs in Texas public colleges or universities.
    Exemptions: You are exempt from taking the TSI if any one of the conditions listed below applies to you.


    The TSI Assessment is being offered to Seniors at Lewisville High School on April 13-17, 2020. If your Senior has not met the exemption criteria and wants to participate in the administration of the TSI, please complete the registration form, https://qrgo.page.link/LQVfD before October 11, 2019 to indicate interest.  Mrs. Spinks will then contact your Senior with information about testing dates and times in the spring.

    Additional information about TSI can be located at: www.lisd.net/tsi and http://bit.ly/LISDTSI

    **There is no cost to SENIORS for taking the TSI.**