• VOE-Verification of Enrollment and Attendance

    The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) requires a VOE for any student applying for an instruction permit and /or a license under the age of 18.  These are issued at LHS by the student’s Attendance Clerk.  To be eligible for a VOE the student must be enrolled at LHS and be in compliance with the TEA “90% Rule”.  If a student has missed more than 10% of the regular school days and is at “Loss of Credit” they must complete an Attendance Plan given to the student by the Attendance Committee, have the credits restored and demonstrate good attendance (be in compliance with the 90% rule) for 4 weeks after making up all seat time before a VOE will be issued.  Students at Loss of Credit the final 9 weeks of school will be required to wait until the new school year and demonstrate 4 weeks of good attendance before being eligible for a VOE.  Summer school does not count as make up time.