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    Lewisville High School 

     Sports Medicine Department  


    The Sports Medicine Department is consists of 3 Staff Athletic Trainers and approximately 25 student athletic trainers. 

    The students involved in our program assist with hydration and basic first aid during practice and competition events for our athletic teams at Lewisville High School. Students are able to gain a basic understanding of the roles and responsibilites associated with different careers in the field of sports medicine. 



    How To Become A Student Athletic Trainer

    During the Fall & Spring Semesters students are invited to join in our observation period. 

    A student interested in becoming an athletic training student will need to do the following:

    • Speak with a STAFF athletic trainer 
    • Fill out the application packet
    • Complete 10 days of observation (games / practices)
    • 3 Recommendation Letters (1 Administrator / 2 Teachers or Coaches)
    • Essay Topic 

    At the end of the obersvation period students who have completed all days and paperwork will be considered for the program. 



    Coach Sheridan Melson (Head Athletic Trainer)

    Coach Ian Underwood  (Assistant Athletic Trainer) 

    Coach Melissa Tice (Assistant Athletic Trainer)