• Sick Leave Bank | Benefits: 469-948-8073

    All employees working 30 hours or more per week are eligible to join the Sick Leave Bank (SLB).  One local personal day is donated each year to join SLB.  Enrollment is during Open Enrollment each school year or within 31 days of date of employment or eligibility for membership.  An employee must be able to earn at least one local personal day from the beginning of employment to the end of that SLB year to be eligible for membership.

    About Sick Leave Bank:

    • July 1 is the first day of the SLB year
    • Members may withdraw up to 25 fully paid sick leave bank days per year with a 100 day lifetime maximum
    • Absence for personal illness/injury must be at least 10 consecutive work days (some exceptions exist)
    • Bereavement and critical care leave for immediate family members with no minimum absence required
    • Workers' Compensation absences are NOT covered (subject to all other rules)
    • Must first use all accumulated leave except vacation
    • Absences for elective procedures are not covered