Social Security

    Social Security Administration-

    Denton Office:

    DENTON, TX 76205

    Statement concerning your employment in a job not covered by Social Security:

    Your earnings from this job are not covered under Social Security.  When you retire, or if you become disabled, you may receive a pension based on earnings from this job.  If you do, and you are also entitled to a benefit from Social Security based on either your own work or the work of your husband or wife, or former husband or wife, your pension may affect the amount of the Social Security benefit you receive.  Your Medicare benefits, however, will not be affected.   Under the Social Security law, there are two ways your Social Security benefit amount may be affected. 

    Information for Government Employees regarding the Windfall Elimination Provision and the Government Pension Offset.  If you didn't pay Social Security taxes on your government earnings and you are eligible for Social Security benefits, the formula used to figure your benefit amount may be modified, giving you a lower Social Security benefit.